OpenSSH p1 6.0

An application that creates a security encryption to protect your system from security attacks

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    p1 6.0

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    Windows 2000 / Windows NT / Windows XP

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OpenSSH is a connectivity tool that helps encrypt online communication using the SSH and other security protocols to prevent security threats like eavesdropping or connection hijacking during remote login and remote file transfers.

Security for Online Communication

Today the importance of online security is evident. The various hacks of social media and financial companies have compromised the information of millions of users. OpenSSH is a tool that helps prevent some of the attacks.

When users connect remotely to a machine, the communication is at risk. The information exchange that takes place using general protocols can be penetrated easily by hackers and cybercriminals. SSH provides ways to encrypt the information so hackers can’t access it between endpoints. OpenSSH provides the tools for SSH implementation.

OpenSSH is actually a suite that has multiple tools bundled together. It provides remote operations using protocols like SSH, SCP, and SFTP. All of these are secure protocols. It also provides ways to generate and manage keys for these protocols with the ssh-add, ssh-keygen, ssh-keysign and ssh-keyscan tools. There are also server-side applications like sshd, ssh-agent, and sftp-servers.

Features of OpenSSH

A big reason for the popularity of OpenSSH is that it's an open source project. Lots of people are contributing to it regularly and anyone can use the suite for free. Even though OpenSSH was originally designed for Unix/Linux, it was ported for Windows due to popular demand.

OpenSSH supports a number of encryption algorithms like AES, RSA, ECDSA, ChaCha20 and more. These strong encryptions ensure that all transmissions of information are secure. Hackers can’t see user credentials or password going through the communication channels.

The OpenSSH development team is also careful about phasing out legacy implementations in reasonable timeframes to prevent future attacks. It also allows port forwarding which can be used to encrypt and forward TCP/IP connections to remote machines. It’s an effective way to secure older internet protocols like POP.

Even though OpenSSH phases out past features, it still tries to be as compatible as possible with the older version. So most older OpenSSH tools will be compatible with the current version. OpenSSH also has a data compression option to speed up operations.


OpenSSH suite is designed for developers and programmers with a basic understanding of internet protocols and application development. Users with technical knowledge of these topics should be able to easily run the tools to secure their servers from unauthorized access.


  • A complete suite for securing remote login or remote file transfers
  • On-going great support from open source community
  • Stable releases
  • Free for both commercial and non-commercial use


  • Difficult for nontechnical users to use

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